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Missouri Highlands Health Care is seeking a part-time dentist for its Wayne County Dental Clinic in Piedmont, MO. Missouri Highlands Health System is looking to expand its newly opened Women's Hospital in Poplar Bluff, Mo., and is seeking a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) for a position in the Health and Human Services Division at Pueblo Health Center.

The licensed clinical social worker provides direct and indirect services to people with mental health, substance abuse and behavioural problems. The person serves in a primary care or behavioural therapy environment and is integrated into an integrated nursing team with other health professionals. It is best suited to be part of a person - centred, integrated, multidisciplinary, holistic and supportive.

Providing comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of community resources for the complementary treatment of clients. Assess and treat a wide range of patients and customers, evaluate and maintain relationships with referring physicians and other healthcare providers in the community. Recommends additional referrals to patients if necessary and ensures that these referrals make appropriate and appropriate use of resources.

If you are unable to follow the instructions, need support or have additional questions, please contact your contact person. Please contact the Human Resources Management Service if you need further information on this position.

Interested parties can contact the Human Resources Manager to arrange a meeting or conference call to discuss the details of the position. For further help please call 1 - 866 - 730 - 1021 (888) 732 - 4357 or 1-866-730-1021. Applicants who require adequate accommodation to complete the necessary materials or submit an answer to qualified questions can contact Reginald Stewart at (1) 864-634-5555 or Reginalsd. Stewart. Human ResourceA is located at the Poplar Bluff Community Center at 801 W. Main Street and is available to all VisitA USA applicants to view this announcement, complete a profile, and submit an application package.

MHHC offers an excellent package of benefits, which includes full or partial employer benefits - paid health insurance, paid time off and training - available on our website at They have had or have paid leave, full-time employment with at least two paid days off per year, full or part-paid health insurance and / or further education.

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You can be assigned tasks in one or more areas at the discretion of management and can consider cross-training. If fulfilling these tasks helps you achieve customer service and operational goals, you can ask your employee to take on additional tasks in certain situations.

This policy applies to all employment conditions, including, but not limited to, employment at Poplar Bluff and its subsidiaries and affiliates. Your shift hours will be based on your ability not to exceed the minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, or $1,000 per week for a full-time employee.

If a person who has already been convicted of one or more offences is refused a licence to work, a public authority or private employer must make a written statement setting out the reasons for this refusal. The provisions of this Article are enforceable in accordance with the division of human rights, in accordance with the powers and procedures of Article 15 of the Executive Law. With respect to actions of public authorities, the provisions of this article are the subject of proceedings initiated by the Missouri Department of Human Rights or any other state or local law enforcement agency.

Applicants must have experience in emergency care or emergency room and have ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support). The ideal candidate should have excellent communication skills, develop treatment plans, be able to work with and be willing to work with professionals and organizations. The candidate must have the ability to switch focus with multiple interruptions and work in a variety of situations.

You will be equipped with a range of tools and resources to help your team maintain operational excellence and deliver tailored services that save patients time and money. They will provide education and training to grow and stay up to date on innovative ways to care for patients.

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